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Girard Perregaux Replica Watches will be presenting its two new models in pink gold at the Venice International Film Festival. This is a star turn that will be noticed. Joaillerie 101 is a particularly attractive name for women. It is a never-ending tale of watchmaking excellence and jewellery perfection. This story begins in 1929, when the first mechanical movement was created. It was entirely manufactured and made at the Grande Maison of Vallee de Joux. It's a match made in heaven: Fine watchmaking and high-quality jewellery. These two original models conceal the secrets of the infinitely tiny, and hide ancestral expertise. Joaillerie 101 Reine in pink gold and Joaillerie101 Feuille in white gold offer women around the globe a leading role: heroines both by day and night.

Two jewellery watches have a miniature movement in their heart. The Replica Watches Girard Perregaux Calibre 101 is a great example of absolute miniaturization. Pocket watches were slowly being replaced by wristwatches. These were especially sought-after by women who longed to wear a jewel on the wrist with both the precision of mechanical operations as well as a refined aesthetic. The Duoplan movement inspired this calibre. It is distinguished by its division into two horizontal plans, one on top of another. It is still the world's smallest mechanical movement, despite being almost 100 years old and benefitting from all the years of experience.

Each best Girard Perregaux Replica Watches Calibre 101 has a volume of 0.25 cm3 and measures 14 x 4.8 inches x 3.4 inches thick. Each component is made to order and adjusted by the manufacturer. This micromechanical masterpiece weighs in at just a gramme and is assembled by a few watchmakers. It has 98 components, each of which is hand-assembled. Its balance wheel oscillates at 21,600 vibrations an hour, which is a significant technical challenge.

From pure jewellery to the pinnacle of mechanical complexity, the Girard Perregaux Calibre 101 has been a timeless classic. It is versatile enough to adapt to the changing needs of women, often passionately, and it has survived the test of fashion and time. These two new pink gold versions can attest to that. Joaillerie 101 Feuille and Joaillerie 101 Reine are adorned with 110 pave diamants. They were hand-arranged at the Manufacture's workshops and placed against each other to best reflect the glamour of Venice International Film Festival. Two discreet Dauphine hands are visible on the dial of the silvered ovaline. They represent eternal femininity.

Pink gold is the perfect combination of jewellery and mechanical perfection. This precious metal is elegant, timeless, and exquisitely feminine. It's the perfect choice for its new role. Joaillerie 101 Reine can be immediately identified as royal, but Joaillerie 101 Feuille has a more mysterious and secretive quality. Its lid is shaped like a headdress and can be raised or closed to reveal or conceal the passing of time, echoing the delicate nature of a leaf. The watch's dial can be hidden or exposed by the organic curves. It is adorned with baguette- and brilliant-cut diamonds. This is the perfect costume for this star of watchmaking.

cheap Girard Perregaux Replica Watches shares a special relationship with the world of film. She brings to it both daring creativity as well as respect for tradition. The Manufacture will be a partner in the 2018 Venice International Film Festival. It will pay tribute not only to actors and stars, but to all women who can transform everyday scenes into memorable moments. The new Joaillerie 101 Feuille and Joaillerie 101 Reine models in pink gold could not have requested a better backdrop for their public debut since the SIHH.